Monday, June 8, 2009

A Filmmaker's Reflection

This unit is one of the important units in my class this year because students have the opportunities to make documentaries on issue they want to see and change in the future. I have learned how to care about issues that I thought were not part of my life, but actually have impact on my life. Teen suicide and depression is something dear in my life because it is destroying the future of most teenagers in the world specially in this country. Before I did research from my documentary, I didn't know that this issue was so huge. In my mind only few people think about that and others don't even recognize what impact is played in our life. The good thing is that my school helps us to do something we never did before. Choose something we care about and actually present that to the whole world who could actually take action for each subject. This technology make us proud and believe that everything could be possible. Our hope is that people are actually understanding the fear and the message we try to communicate with the world and help to make this foot mark bigger than no one could never imagine.

We could not do anything by ourselves. We need support, trust and victory for all those issues. We want people to realize that even though we're kids, we actually understand some important things in life that we passionate about and want to make some change. There are a proverb that says, "one for all, all for one". We have to be together, hand to hand with understanding. We, adults of future, are full of energy and pride because we want to build a future better than today. All this encouragement and entainterment because you support us each day in our life and believe that one day we would change the world. "Yes, We Can," Barack Obama.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Social Issue: Teen Suicide and Dpression

My opening shot would be images or logos of different schools and the commentary would be my voice talking about how teen are different, are indifferent school, however have the same issue. After that, I would show a graph showing how teen suicide and depression have increase over years with a song from Enya (Maybe). And then Students working on the streets.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Social Issue: Teen Suicide and Depression

In my point of view, this issue is an important issue because according to, each year, approximately 5,000 college students die by suicide according to the National Mental Health Association. This means if this among of students die each year, it means that our future is dying with them. Also, according to, nearly 13.6 percent of those suicides were committed by people under the age of 25. Moreover, suicide accounted for 13 percent of all deaths for people between the ages of 15 and 24. This is a huge percentage, and how could we bring that down. One of the strong reason to keep more mental health services for students is that more than half of 26,000 students across 70 colleges and universities who completed a survey on suicidal experiences reported having at least one episode of suicidal thinking at some point in their lives, according to

This is a story I found on website, " Marty was a student at a very large East Coast university-the type of place where it was easy for someone to get lost. Attendance was never taken, and no one noticed if a student stopped showing up in a class of 200 or 300 students. The residence assistants in Marty's dorms were graduate students. They cared about their students but had no systematic way of checking up on everyone. Marty started drifting from his friends. He was uncommunicative and withdrawn. He slept late and rarely left his room. When he did appear in the cafeteria or on the street, he looked more than a little frightened and unkempt. Everyone found it easier to avoid him than to confront him. Late one night, Marty tried to kill himself." This kind of situation happen every single day life. Sometimes we avoid people because we think that they're bizarre and we keep away from them. We have to be careful about how we act with everyone. Show a little compassion and avoid that situation. When I read this story is hurt me so deep and abstrusely because sometimes we could make someone ends his or her life without knowing what we're doing.

We're hurting people feelings without knowing instead to approach this person and ask this person if he or she is fine. Thus, we need more mental health services for teenage to avoid this situation. Maybe that this would never happen if Marty's mental health services did a good job in his college. They have to improve their services in schools.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Social Issue: Teen Suicide and Depression

My documentary would be about teen suicide and depression. What is the cause of this issue? Teen Suicide is the second leading way of death in college that teenage used in the United States mostly because they're far away from home, being lonely, depressed and others. My point to make this documentary is to find ways through what teenage get in this situation and how they could get out of this same situation. The rate of suicide in college has increased 15% over years and how could we get through that issue. One day I would go to college and maybe could be in the same situation like them. So how could I get through this. Are colleges provide enough help to students?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Social Issue: Teen Depression

My issue is about depressing teenage. The point is to show what is the cause of the depression (trouble in the family, school...) and how they deal with that everyday. I think that some students have trouble to face obstacles. Some get someone to talk about their issues. Is that help them to deal and face their trouble or it's not really helpful at all? Are there are some of them who get out in that kind of situation.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Social Issue: Teenage Pregnancy

If this is true or not about those 17 girls at Gloucester High, I think that it's the case, it should not be considered as an issue of teenage pregnancy because they wanted to be pregnant. This story is about a group of girls who wanted to support each other and take step together. 17 girls is a lot, however, I wonder if they think about the responsibilities they would weight on their shoulders to take care of those babies. I don't think that was a smart decision to take in group because they only would be behind of the school, also you would take care of a baby if the family of the mother could not. I don't think that all them would be a great mother. Moreover some of them could not be good to look over two babies at the same time.

I think that I could use this for my project to show how a pact could have some good impact to people.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reflection on Types of Media

Internet News is unique about this type of media because it's more using by more and more young people. Over years, the percent of people reading internet online have increasing. In my own opinion, I think that internet news is the most important type of media today because most of people have internet at home. Moreover, it's cheaper because we pay each end of month.